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  • by John Elvis Smelcer


    Written over the course of a quarter century by one of Alaska’s best living writers, these two dozen stories embody the spirit of Alaska—stories based on history, headlines, and experience; stories about Alaska’s colliding cultures, its magnificent beauty, and its dangerously unforgiving environment. Must reading for Alaskans and anyone interested in, and brave enough to embrace, the Great Land. A perfect traveling companion!


    “John Smelcer is Alaska’s modern day Jack London.” -W. P. Kinsella, author of Field of Dreams


    “John Smelcer’s stories are an indispensable addition to Alaskan literature.” -J.D. Salinger


    “John Smelcer’s writing is a celebration of the diversity of cultures. Undeniably important!” -James Michener, Alaska


    “John Smelcer is an Alaskan literary treasure.” -Jay Hammond, former Governor of Alaska


    “A compelling voice, unforgettable and highly recommended.” -Library Bookwatch


    “John Smelcer’s story “The Bear” reminds me of Jack London’s classic tale “To Build a Fire.” – X. J. Kennedy, Editor, LITERATURE, Introduction to Short Stories, Introduction to Poetry, The Bedford Reader


    Read the story  “White Moon on Black Water” on The Nanook Nook a University of Alaska alumni page.

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