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  • by Robert Colley

    SCOTLAND AND THE HEBRIDES is an American photographer’s homage to the country of his ancestors, and features over 250 photographs, with extensive commentary, that capture the beauty and variety of the cities, hamlets, mountains and lochs of Scotland’s mainland and its Western Islands of Skye, Lewis, Mull, Harris and Iona.


    These thoughtfully paired scenic views of Scotland, inspired by Colley’s childhood memories of his grandfather, offer a sense of place that is unique yet familiar — a moving portrait of a landscape.


    Lida Suchy, photographer, Guggenheim Fellow and Fullbright Scholar


    Colley’s Scotland and the Hebrides reveals a landscape infused with the history, memory and longing of this extraordinary country, as could be captured only by someone whose ancestral blood runs through it.


     Janice Levy, Kellogg Fellow and Professor of Photography at the Park School of Communication, Ithaca College.


    In Scotland and the Hebrides, Colley renders the country's richly varied landscape with the eye of a countryman and a poet. His photographs, carefulyl arranged and sequenced, walk us from seacoast to city, through places steeped in history. The book is both remembrances and homage, bringing us along on a heartfelt journey through this marvelous land  each tme we pick it up. 


    Barry Perlus, photographer and Associate Professor of Art, Cornell University 


    $45.00   Expanded Second Edition Due July, 2018

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