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by Robert Colley

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Expanded Edition Due February, 2018

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About This Title

SCOTLAND AND THE HEBRIDES is an American photographer’s homage to the country of his ancestors, and features over 200 photographs, with commentary, that capture the beauty and variety of the cities, villages, mountains and lochs of Scotland’s mainland and its western islands.


Robert Colley is a writer, editor and photographer currently based in Upstate New York. Over the past 40 years, he has photographed the people and landscapes of New York, Cape Cod, Europe, Asia and South Africa.  His photography has been shown in many galleries, included in numerous juried exhibitions, and featured in such publications as Cape Cod Life and Photographer’s Forum. His camera of choice has always been a 35 mm. Nikon.

About This Author

Colley is the founding editor of Stone Canoe, a Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary, and the founder of Standing Stone Studios and Standing Stone Books. He lives on a farm in Fabius, New York, with his wife Katryn, his daughter Maura, and two Border Collies, Billy and Lola.


These thoughtfully paired scenic views of Scotland, inspired by Bob’s childhood memories of his grandfather, offer a sense of place that is unique yet familiar — a moving portrait of a landscape.– Lida Suchy, photographer, Guggenheim Fellow and Fullbright Scholar

Colley’s Scotland and the Hebrides reveals a landscape infused with the history, memory and longing of this extraordinary country, as could be captured only by someone whose ancestral blood runs through it.– Janice Levy, Kellogg Fellow and Professor of Photography at the Park School of Communication, Ithaca College.

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